Busco Beach | Mud Bash 2020 Pt2 – Water and Mud It’s All Good

Here is our second day at Mud Bash 2020 at Busco Beach and boy did we have a good time. To enter the trails on one side of the park had an great water hole that felt good on that hot day. You know we had to find some mud and we got a few people stuck but that all in a days work. Always great to have an Adventure with the Crew!

Busco Beach Spring Blast Off 2020 | The Adventure Awaits!

We jumped in the truck and headed to Busco Beach Spring Blast Off not knowing what adventure awaits. When we arrived we had a great time and this is the first part of that adventure. We hit some good water holes, hit some mud holes and road the unforgiven trails. As usual we had a great time at Busco and you know we will be back!

Busco Beach Spring Blast Off 2020 Pt2 | Swamped Renegade and Big Time Stuck

Spring Blast did not disappoint. Mud pits without bottoms, quick sand pits and trails to ride for. Our buddy Doug with Swamped Life had a little issue with the renegade and Rome help me get out of a sticky situation. Boy what a day at Buso oh and you know we are ready to go back..