Garage Talk Episode 5 | Ryobi EZ Power Cleaner Review

If you know me you know I am a Ryobi tool collector. Well when OTP Rome told me about this product I had to have one. In the ATV / SXS / Off Road community cleaning your radiator is a must and we felt this would help do it.

Here is a review and my first impression of this power cleaner. Let me know what you think about ? I said 15% but I meant 15 degrees (LOL) #ryobi #powerwasher #18vezclean

Ryobi 18V EZ Clean Power Cleaner Ryobi 18Volt Cordless Chemical Sprayer 1-Gal.

Busco Beach | Mud Bash 2020 Pt2 – Water and Mud It’s All Good

Here is our second day at Mud Bash 2020 at Busco Beach and boy did we have a good time. To enter the trails on one side of the park had an great water hole that felt good on that hot day. You know we had to find some mud and we got a few people stuck but that all in a days work. Always great to have an Adventure with the Crew!