Garage Talk Episode 4 | Bell Helmet Review How to Mount GoPro to Helmet

I picked up a new helmet. I let the goggles go just because of the mud riding I always get mud on my face between the goggles and the helmet. I found the Bell Broozer and had to get it. I found it at my local Cycle Gear for a great price. Also, with a new helmet I had to add the GoPro and here is how I do it. #bell #bellbroozer #review #gopro

Cycle Gear Richmond 7801 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294

GoPro Helmet Mount

Garage Talk Ep3 | How to Install Far Mudding Foot Wells

with the continuing upgrades to my renegade I decided to get the Far Mudding foot wells. I went with a larger tires and need some additional clearance. Far Mudding had the answer! This is a step by step video on how to in them. Thanks for watching and check them out.

Far Mudding Foot Wells