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Mudbugz Mud Park Review

Mudbugz Mudpark is located in Lafayette Louisiana and is open every first weekend of the month. Special event dates will vary throughout the year. Ice-chest and BBQ pits are welcome, but no glass containers are allowed.

First things first, the trails are good if u want mud in your face, there are not many smooth trails there. They also have a bounty hole that is extremely deep.  I haven’t seen many people make it from one end to the other.

I’m not going to lie though this is a fun park to ride and you’ll have a blast sending your bike through some mud. The only Down side of Mudbugz Mudpark is the cleanup. Cleaning my bike is so hard, it’s like the mud is mixed with cement.  If this is the only bad aspect of the park I will be back.


 Mudbugz Mudpark

1099 Lake Martin Rd

Lafayette, Louisiana

(337) 280-3231

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