Segway’s New 181 Horsepower Hybrid Sport UTV’s

Segway’s New 181 Horsepower Hybrid Sport UTV’s

At Italy’s International Motorcycle show (EICMA) Segway unveiled today an all new hybrid UTV.

While electric UTV’s are nothing new, infact there are about a half a dozen options from manufacturers already. This is the first known “Hybrid UTV”. Segway is know for building a variety of electric personal transport products for the last couple decades and this year they are making a major “segue” into the world of powersports by introducing  an electric dirt bike today as well.


The two UTV’s are called Fugleman and Villain. The Fugleman is the utility minded recreational machine featuring a dump bed equipped chassis in three versions Hybrid, 1000 and 570. The overall measurements are the same on all three. Suspension at all four corners is handled by dual A-arms moving 11” with four wheel drive and locking front and rear differentials.


The more sport minded Villain sits in a chassis thats a cross between an X3 and a RZR Pro XP. The Hybrid comes in the form of a very Polaris looking, two cylinder,1000cc gas engine working in conjunction with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Electric Motor that adds another 74 horsepower to the unique powertrain. In PHP hybrid mode, the drive system also relies on the internal combustion engine to work together. In PHP hybrid mode, the electric drive system will not work alone, but as a supplement to the internal combustion engine. There is also a model with only a gas engine that puts out 107hp.

As for the E portion,

Hybrid with 570cc engine will be 96V  low voltage system,The battery capacity is about 2-4kwh.

1000cc range extender will be with 320V  high voltage drive system. The battery capacity is about 5-10kwh.

 They will launch a number of products. The 570cc and 1000cc internal combustion engine platforms will be equipped with electric drive systems of different power levels respectively.Therefore, the final parameters will vary according to the product model.

Suspension is handled by dual A-arms up front with 15.6” of travel and trailing arms in the rear moving 16.7”. Strangely, Segway chose to put 29×9-14” inch tires up front and 30×10-14’s in the back (27’s /28’s on the utility). This height difference is not common and only works if the differential gears are set up for it. If so, then you can’t change to equally tall tires when you want to swap out for aftermarket meats. Hopefully this is a Type O in their brochure.

It’s an interesting move for sure and we are excited to drive one and let you know if it’s any good.

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