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We’ve got a new diff for sale for Can-Am Maverick, Commander, and Outlander models. Allow me to get a little salesy for a bit and explain why this diff is a big deal. It’s not a limited slip diff like Visco-Lok, and it’s not electronically acutating like our Pin Locker or the Smart-Lok differential (which you can’t even get on Commanders or Outlanders, and only on a couple non-X3 Mavericks). Nope, it works a little bit differently.

With our SwifTrac Differential, we’ve done something that nobody else has ever done—we put a Sprague into a Can-Am. That is a big deal because that means it can lock your hubs instantly when you lose traction and unlock when you get it back. It transfers power to only one front axle when you turn so handling is easy. It gives you control when you need it and power when you want it. Other manufacturers have used a similar style of diff for years, now we’ve brought it to Can-am. It’s rad, and it’s the only one of its kind.

Visco-Lok has a Problem 

Here’s what you don’t like about Visco-Lok: it’s not a true all-wheel drive front differential meaning it takes too long to engage the differential lock when you lose traction. You probably also don’t like the fact that it disengages faster than it engages—if you want to finish a technical hill climb, you’ll spend more time with your tires spinningwaiting for them to lock than you will actually moving up the hill. 

The SwifTrac Differential is a True All-Wheel Drive Front Differential

A Sprague carrier complete with rollers and springs. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
The Sprague carrier is the heart of SwifTrac, and this heart is made with aircraft-grade aluminum.

SwifTrac solves the endless spinning by being a true all-wheel drive front differential. When you pop it into four-wheel drive, it will lock precisely when it needs to, and unlock when it doesn’t. It can apply power to each axle independently so that so you maintain buttery smooth handling when you turn. When one axle loses traction and starts spinning, SwifTrac will deliver power to the other axle instantly It does this all automatically with no spinning or slowing down.

Plus, that front right axle that your Visco-Lok likes to chew up? Not an issue with our diff. It engages the full length of your splines and transfers torque more evenly to help prevent your axle from shearing off at the tip.

That hill climb that took you forever with Visco-Lok? It’s a piece of cake with SwifTrac. With instant locking and unlocking, you maintain your momentum and control, and you keep moving forward.

It’s not just for hills, though. Gravel, loose earth, mud, snow—any time the ground beneath you tries to steal your traction, SwifTrac will lock and keep you going. In fact, it works so seamlessly and quickly, you probably won’t notice that it’s doing anything. The only thing you’ll notice is that you’re not getting hung up every few feet anymore.

It just works.

If you want to take a deep dive into the inner workings of a Sprague-driven differential, you can check out this post about a similar Sprague differential.

The Complete Package

Seriously, SwifTrac is the complete package. You get a complete, fully-assembled front diff that just needs oil before you install it.

To get it installed, you just pop your Visco-Lok diff out (which, I’m guessing is already out because you blew it up or something because why else would you be reading about a new diff?), put the complete SwifTrac diff in its place, connect your prop shaft, and slot in your axles. Bolt up and done, without shimming for backlash or any of that junk.

The SwifTrac Differential will get you running in no time. And it’ll get you running better than ever before.

SuperATV's SwifTrac differential. The only Sprague driven differential for Can-Am

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